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Summer 2022 Registration

 Summer Registration Starting 06/13/2022 until August 19th 2022. Our minimum age requirement is 5 along with the ability to swim 25 yards Freestyle ( One length of the pool) 

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Terms and Conditions for Participation
  1. Student Tuition/Fee is due in full and must be paid prior to the swimmer entering the water. We do not offer payment terms for swimming.  All swimmers, including daily and weekly drop-ins, must pay in full before entering the water.
  2. Tuition and fees are non-refundable.
  3. Should a swimmer decide to discontinue participation in the program with the Wildwood Crest Dolphin Swim team, any portion of the outstanding tuition thereof are considered an obligation to the Wildwood Crest Dolphin Swim Team.
  4. Each swimmer will be asked to follow a Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with this code may result in the swimmer being asked to leave the team.
  5. Any checks returned to the Wildwood Crest Dolphins Swim Team for non-sufficient funds will be subject to a $32.00 additional handling charge.

I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions of the Wildwood Crest Dolphins Swim Team in exchange for the privilege of my child to participate in the activities and swimming program of the Wildwood Crest Dolphins Swim Team.

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I, the above named Parent/Guardian(s), hereby waive my right to maintain an action in a Court of Law against the Wildwood Crest Dolphin Swim Team (a non-profit corporation) for an injury which may have been caused or is a result of my child’s participation on the team. I have read and agree to the conditions set forth on this registration form and indicate my consent by typing my name in this box.

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USA/Pool Fee

Varies -- see individual forms for prior season's description

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