Information from the SJAC meet director and warm up schedule

Info for SJAC Last Chance Meet

February 18-19, 2023

Saturday & Sunday (All Sessions)

  • Arrival: Please have swimmer arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before warm-up session. The doors will not be open.
  • Swimmer drop off will be around to the right side of the building through the gym doors where the swimmers will be seated.
  • Volunteers can park around the back left side of the building and enter through the doors as indicated on the map.
  • Staging: Swimmers will be seated in the gym. Swimmers must bring their own chair for the staging area. We recommend they bring extra towels and dry clothes for the meet as well as an electronic device to watch/play.
  • Concessions will be sold at the meet. Please let your parents and swimmers know.
  • Heat Sheets will be sent out the through prior to the session.
  • We will have a live feed (Live Barn) for the meet so parents can watch. No parents on deck unless they want to volunteer.

    Coaches and Officials
  • Parking:Please park in the back left side of the building and enter through the blue doors into the competition pool area.
  • Check in Procedure-Please make sure you have your USA Swimming Card or Deck Pass available with ID to show the desk. Please don’t get upset with our parent volunteers. This is a Middle Atlantic procedure to make sure everyone stays safe. They will give you a band to allow you into the pool.
  • Bathrooms: Please use the bathroom in the lesson pool. It’s a one stall bathroom with a lock on the inside. 
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